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Crossed Wires (1/1)
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Title: Crossed Wires (1/1)
Author: myriddin_lyr
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Pairing: Jon Snow/Sansa Stark
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don’t own A Song of Ice and Fire. A Song of Ice and Fire is the property of George R.R. Martin and Bantam Books, and are not my intellectual property. There is no financial gain made from this nor will any be sought. This is for entertainment purposes only.
Summary: The morning after, it's not Jon who answers his mother's call, but his one-night-stand.

The sound of a generic ringtone roused Sansa from one of the best sleeps she could ever remember having. She reached out blindly for the offending iPhone, brushing bedraggled hair out of her face before accepting the call. “Hello?”

“Good morning,” a pleasant female voice responded cheerfully. “You're not my son.”

Sansa shot straight up, eyes frantically scanning her bedroom before coming to rest on the cup of coffee and scribbled note on her bedside table. Memories of the night before flashed through her mind: having her honor defended from a drunken frat boy, her rescuer's awkwardly charming smile (and that mouth she couldn't help but admire) as he offered to walk her home, the dark curls she clutched at as that gorgeous mouth worked beautifully between her thighs, making her come harder than she ever had in her life before he'd slid himself inside her, and made her come harder yet.

She awkwardly cleared her throat. “'m afraid not.”

The woman laughed musically, and strangely enough, that laughter seemed to cut through Sansa's embarrassment. “Didn't think so. Now, do you have a name, sweetie, or should I just call you 'the lovely voice at the end of the line clearly reflecting my boy's good taste?'”

Sansa blushed and smiled, her smile only growing as she read the short note from her one-night-stand, whose name she couldn't quite recall despite screaming it continuously the night before, apologizing for leaving but being expected at work at seven. She sipped from the still-warm coffee he'd left and responded. “It's Sansa.”

“Sansa. What a beautiful name. The name's Lyanna, love. It's wonderful to meet you.”

If it was strange that she ended up chatting with witty, gregarious Lyanna for another good hour and a half before finally getting the address of where she could drop off the phone, Sansa didn't give it much thought. When Lyanna ended up charming her into staying to talk more with cocoa and cookies, Sansa couldn't refuse. When the man she now knew as Jon walked in and recovered quickly from his surprise to flash her a warm, welcoming smile, who was she to refuse Lyanna's request to join them for dinner?

And later, as her head fell back against the door of Jon's childhood bedroom, fingers again tangled in his curls as he knelt before her, it was all she could do to thank the Seven for mixed up phones before she could no longer think at all.


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